Governor’s Fund 

Danehill C of E Primary School is a state aided school. The lion’s share of our funding comes from Government. This gets us by, but – due to the well-publicised pressures on Government funding – it never gets us quite enough to enable us to do all the things we want to for the School & for your children.

We therefore encourage you to make regular monthly donations to the Governors’ Fund.

Like all Church of England voluntary aided schools, Danehill C of E Primary School has financial responsibilities that we must carry out by law. The Governors’ Fund helps in that regard & it is funded entirely by individual’s and local businesses donations. (Please note that the Governors’ Fund is different to the support that you give to the School’s parent teacher association – which is for specific fundraising & school community events). The Governors’ Fund is used for support to three main areas of the school, to:

1. Advance the enlivened education of our community’s primary school children
2. Expand opportunity for extra-curricular activities for our children
3. Improve the school’s facilities and capacity to accommodate and inspire our children

How To Give

The simplest method is for you to ask your bank to set up a monthly Standing Order to our governor’s fund bank account. Alternatively, for a one-off contribution you can simply make an individual bank transfer on line, at any time in the year. For more information on how to do any of this, please email either Catherine Barnsby at or Leda Schiltz at

Please give as you feel able. No matter how small or large your gift is, together, the gifts are significant in helping the school to better support and expand our children’s education and every child of the School will be advantaged by the contributions that we receive. The giving is voluntary and remains confidential.

Thank you very much indeed for your ongoing support of our wonderful School.

Best Regards

Richard Allan

Chair of the Governing Body