School Uniform


Danehill School’s Active Uniform embraces our uniform values of Comfort, Inclusivity and Sustainability.

Comfort– We are a school that loves outdoor learning, and we want our children to be comfortable in all learning environments.

Inclusivity– Offering a variety of styles helps our children with sensory needs feel comfortable and included. Offering a unisex uniform means our children can wear any items form the uniform list. By reducing the number of logo’d items, parents have more choice when purchasing school clothing.

Sustainability– We are conscious of the impact that clothing and fashion has on our environment and therefore all our uniform is sustainable. We are also pleased to offer parents a 100% organic cotton option. 

Buy Danehill Logo Uniform


Below you will find our uniform list. The items with our school’s logo are available to order now – just click the ‘Buy School Logo Uniform’ button above. All other items can be purchased from most uniform shops, clothing stores and supermarkets.

We have included a handy list of links below, to a variety of providers to help get you started.  

Uniform links PDF


General Uniform

Navy or Royal Blue Danehill round neck jumper 

Gold, Light Blue or White Polo Shirt

Navy or Royal Blue Cardigan

Navy bottoms. (joggers/trousers/skirts/shorts or sweat shorts)

Yellow or navy gingham summer dress/playsuit

Navy Socks

Black shoes or trainers (avoid brands please)

Navy tights

Navy Danehill Cap or bucket hat

Backpack or Navy book bag 

Showerproof Coat


PE Kit

Yellow Danehill PE T.Shirt

Navy Bottoms (shorts/skorts)

Navy Joggers or leggings

Navy or Royal Blue Danehill Hoodie

Black trainers or plimsolls

 *PE and O.W.L clothing should be kept in bags on your child’s peg at school at all times

Outdoor Woodland Learning (O.W.L) and Play

Water proof trousers or all-in-one rain suit (bright colours fo younger children please)


Long sleeve T.shirt  


Frequently asked questions

My child still fits into their current uniform, do I need to transition straight away?

While the new uniform will be introduced from September 2021, we will support a period of transition, allowing children to wear the current uniform till they grow out of it.

How do I know which size to order from the new provider?

CHEC embroider to order, so to reduce the number of potential returns due to estimating sizes, children must try on the new branded items in the school office to ascertain the correct size before you order.

How can I recycle my old uniform when my child grows out of it?

Here are some suggestions that might help ensure we transition to a more comfortable uniform, in line with our sustainable values;

  • We encourage parents of children in years 3-6 who have book bags they no longer use, to advertise them on the school’s PTA selling site on Facebook (Danehill School PTA businesses, services and selling site) or pass them down as you see fit. 
  • Hoodies, Jumpers and Cardigans can be passed down or sold via the FB selling site till they are no longer wearable.
  • The school and the PTA are currently looking into various ways to recycle and donate PE T-Shirts and Grey bottoms (skirts/trousers/shorts) in a way that provides social capital. Watch this space!

Can we mix the new uniform with own clothes?

No, with comfortable options now available on the uniform list, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor woodland play. If your child has sensory needs, please discuss these with their teacher. 

Please note:  When representing the school in external events, we would expect all children to wear ‘logo’d items’.