Our Innovative Approach

Over the last few decades education has undergone a process of ‘modernisation’ similar to when Henry Ford revolutionised the manufacture of cars in the 1930’s with his innovative and efficient assembly lines. One of the outcomes is a National Curriculum packed with skills and knowledge that’s delivered to children throughout their time at school. In order to ensure that nothing is missed, the curriculum is typically divided into predetermined, and often disconnected, chunks of learning that are plotted out over the weeks, terms and years.

Like all schools we are keen to ensure that our children make strong progress with the skills and knowledge set out for them. We are very proud of the results we have achieved to date, but we are also determined that our children should develop the habits of learning (curiosity, collaboration, imagination, discipline, persistence) that are just as important if they are to be successful lifelong learners.



This determination has led us to replace a conventional ‘assembly line’ model of education with an ‘enlivened’ one that has the capacity to engage lively minds. Children of all ages are empowered to shape class projects in ways that excite and motivate all members of the group to achieve their very best. Extrinsic rewards are replaced with the on-going intrinsic reward of working towards 'Authentic Outcomes' (such as exhibitions, book launches or theatrical performances) to which the whole school community is invited.