Your Child’s Learning

To achieve our school vision, we support Danehill children to be mindful learners, who develop the habits of learning and Christian values of curiosity, collaboration, imagination, discipline and persistence.

Our learning design (pedagogy) is based on five principles, which underpin the teaching and learning to find contexts for learning that really matter to children and provoke a powerful sense of needing and wanting to learn:

  • Build a sense of purpose, towards authentic outcomes
  • Teach and model what good learners do
  • Allow ideas to shape collaboratively
  • Offer choice and trust
  • Provide novelty

Follow these links to find out more below about our innovative approach and the principles of enlivened learning.

School life and learning is enriched with additional activities and opportunities, including: day trips and visitors to the school that stimulate and support ideas for our class projects; residential trips for the older children; music lessons in groups as well as 1:1’s run by the Rock and Pop Foundation, and a busy after school clubs programme including Lego, multi-skills and a range of sports activities.

We organise our seven year groups into four classes;

  • R/Y1 – Hedgehogs, led by Karen, welcoming our youngest pupils to Reception, who stay for year 1 and in turn welcome the new Reception children in the following year.
  • Y2 – Foxes, led by Ellie, our only single-year class, giving our year 2’s space and focus to consolidate their foundation learning
  • Y3/Y4 – Badgers, led by James, guiding these learners in following their curiosity and passion as they master some of the more demanding Key Stage 2 skills
  • Y5/Y6 – Kestrels, co-led by Gemma and Sue, consolidating our eldest pupils learning as they prepare for secondary school

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