The teaching and learning at Danehill is informed by a set of principles rooted in research which we call the principles of Enlivened Learning. The teachers use these principles to shape an inspiring and challenging curriculum.

Through this curriculum, children are given opportunities to do things for real.  We guide children to make choices about their learning, which both engages our learners and helps them develop sense of responsibility towards their learning.  

Rather than teachers always deciding in advance what the children will do and how exactly they will do it, this is done in collaboration. We don’t want children endlessly following our instructions, we want school to be a more demanding place than that. Children of all ages are given opportunities to co-create projects that excite and motivate everyone to achieve their very best. 

Like all schools we are keen to ensure that our children make strong progress with the skills and knowledge set out for them.  We are also determined that our children should develop the habits of learning and Christian values of Curiosity, Collaboration, Imagination, Discipline and Persistence that are key for successful lifelong learning and spiritual development.