Hedgehogs Class


Reception and Year 1

Lower KS1 - For children aged 4 to 6 years
Class Teacher: Karen Evans
Teaching Assistants: Emma Flower and Pedro Carreira for PE


Life in Hedgehogs Class

Play and exploration underpin everything we do in Hedgehogs.  The children have autonomy and choice throughout the day; building independence, skills and knowledge through areas that interest them. We also work collaboratively on larger projects, providing opportunities for the children to apply their skills in meaningful ways. Our priority is to build confident, resilient leaners who are eager to challenge themselves throughout the day.


Meet the class teacher:


I am Karen Evans and I’ve been teaching Early Years for over 20 years now and was excited by the ethos at Danehill. Being Australian, the emphasis on outdoor learning really resonated with me and the woodland attached to the school is an exciting development.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know the children and their families. Thank you for the warm welcome.




I am Meghan Upton and I am the new part-time teacher of Hedgehogs. I also teach part-time in Foxes class.


Meet the Teaching Assistants:

In Hedgehogs class, we have three fantastic teaching assistants: Emma Flower, Gayle Stephenson and Pedro Carreira who teaches PE.



I am Emma Flower. As I live locally, I had heard about the ethos of the school and so was really excited about starting here. I recently graduated from university and I’m now building experience before I apply for a Masters Degree in Play Therapy. I have really enjoyed getting to know the children and look forward to building stronger relationships with families.



I am Gayle Stephenson and having spent the last few years working within an Early Years setting I am delighted to be spending time with the next age groups.

I was particularly drawn to Danehill as I find the Enlivened approach very exciting and I am eager to see the children develop their learning and characters in an inspiring and natural environment.  


I am Pedro Carreira and I am a TA who also teaches the class PE. I also run all the very popular After-School Clubs, for more information, click on this After-School Clubs link.



Here are some pictures of our current Hedgehogs pupils taking part in some fun learning activities.