Learning Habits and Values in the Bible


Here are some examples of how our key learning habits and Christian values relate to teaching in the Bible. A number of these have been explored during the school assemblies and in other contexts.

  1. Curiosity
    Jesus often said ‘come and see’ as an invitation to the curious. When he was a child, he asked many questions and even got in trouble with his parents, because he was so absorbed in finding out new things from the temple teachers. Another example where curiosity is encouraged is through the ‘Book of Proverbs’. These proverbs are designed to encourage reflection about how they apply to us.
  2. Imagination
    There are many examples of imaginative people in the Bible. King Solomon experimented with science and wisdom and had a superb imagination. Jesus used parables in the gospels which inspire us to use our imagination. The Bible has many thrilling stories which invite us to see the action in our mind’s eye.
  3. Discipline
    Noah showed great discipline in building The Ark. Ruth shows this by working hard in the fields. We can even learn from the self-discipline of the ant in Proverbs 6 as it does not require a ‘teacher’ over its shoulder to get work done.
    Jesus showed discipline in enduring temptation and in giving his life for others upon the cross. We learned about the fruits of the Spirit, including the fruit of self-control.
  4. Collaboration
    We discovered how there is collaboration within the person of God; the persons of the Trinity work together as Father, Son and Spirit. This is an example to us in relating to each other. The disciples collaborated and went out in pairs in doing their work. They came from different racial, social and gender backgrounds and worked together, appreciating each others’ gifts and skills.
    The church is described as being like a body with the different organs working together, and this corporate language has been widely adopted by organisations today. Collaboration requires patience and kindness. Recently we have been inspired by St. Paul’s words, ‘love is patient, love is kind.’
  5. Persistence
    There are many examples of people in The Bible who didn’t give up, for example: Abraham in travelling vast distances, Ruth in adapting to another country, Queen Esther in protecting her people, Daniel in choosing to be different and Jesus who persevered to the end in doing right. Parables on this theme include those of the persistent friend and the persistent widow. The Bible often uses analogies which relate to persistence in growing plants, for example: ‘At the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up’.